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honey jars
honey jars
honey jars
beeswax body cream

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apple blossoms bee and honey
apple blossoms
apple blossoms bee and honey
Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms
Trout Lilies blooming in the Spring
Trout Lilies blooming in the Spring
Trout Lilies blooming in the Spring
Trout Lilies blooming in the Spring
bee in maple flower
bee in maple flower
bee in maple flower
bee in maple flower


The honey my bees produce is pure, natural and unpasteurized. Our main honey season starts with Blueweed. As a result much of the first comb honey comes from Blueweed. After that with the arrival of summer the White Sweet Clover is in full bloom. It is our best honey producer and its honey is a light golden colour with an excellent flavour. When it granulates it’s crystals are very fine. As a result it makes an excellent crystallized honey. As August nears Purple Loosestrife begins to bloom. Purple Loosestrife has become our second most abundant honey crop in recent years. On it own Purple Loosestrife is rather bitter but combined with Clover and Goldenrod it results in an excellent stronger tasting honey. With the approach of fall it’s Goldenrod’s turn to mark our fields with its yellow flowers. Its honey is darker but mild in flavour. In conclusion once September has arrived we leave to the bees whatever honey they have collected. It will be for their nourishment and enjoyment in the long winter ahead.

Beeswax cream

My parents have been making this cream for over thirty years and I continue their tradition of using pure beeswax obtained from our bees, the finest oils and spring water in the making of this cream. In the 35 years that I have been making beeswax bodycream, many people have commented on its efficacy in prevention and healing of dry skin. For instance chapped skin, lips and dry cuticles. On the other hand others have found it invaluable in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. In addition customers have recommended it for the healing of insect bites, poison ivy, skin allergies and cold sores. This cream is thick so we recommend that you use it in small amounts. A little goes a long way. To use, apply at the first sign of dryness or symptoms. Use every day or two as needed. In conclusion medically this product has not been tested but beeswax, with its wonderful antibacterial quality, combined with oils have been used to soothe the minor aches of folks across the centuries.

honey bee working clover
blueweed in flower
honey beee in purple loosestrife flowers
Purple Vetch



Nikki, Toronto, ON - Elfong's bees wax cream is THE BEST conditioner for Black hair that I've ever used. The cream keeps my hair strong yet super soft! I also buy Elfong's raw honey, our daily sweetener for tea. Thank you, Mark! Your products are helping me age backwards.


Phil Brown, Markham, Ontario – “The bees wax body cream really helps with my dry, cracked and split fingers during the winter. I have been using this cream for many years. I tried other creams but nothing compares to this. Now, with COVID and all the hand washing, I use this cream daily. Simply the best! Don’t bother looking for any other products!”


Jacqui, North York – May 31/2020 – “My mother and I are a big fan of nice local pure honey and Elfsong Apiaries is exactly what we were looking for. I happened upon the honey at a farmer’s market in North York near where I work and I was so glad I did. I have to say thank you for the honey and thank you to the bees! The honey had such a perfect not to sweet not to thick taste and is absolutely excellent for anything that needs a bit of sweetness to it.

My order was shipped super fast and perfectly packed. I’m also still using the hand cream I bought at the market last year which continues to make my skin so happy.

Everyone should be buying from this company if they want genuine local quality from their honey products. Thank you again!”



Jesse Okay

Jessie, Richmond Hill, Ontario – I have to tell you my story about its cream. My son has a very serious eczema on the elbow for many years. The only treatment to reduce the itching and redness depends on the prescription cream totally. Two years ago by a chance I bought this cream at a farm market in North York, and tried it at home. Surprisingly it worked very well on my son’s skin! It is amazing actually! Just recently I received my order from Mark and it also works perfect! So I want to share my experience with you that Mark is a very helpful and kind person! We are very lucky to meet him and find an effective products for eczema treatment! My son said he wants to see him at his bee farm! Hahahaha Thank you Mark! See you this summer!

Rowe sp

Cristina Rowe, Toronto, Ontario – Yo he estado usando la crema de cera de abejas de Elfsong por más de 15 años. No hay ningún otro producto como este en el mercado; es sutil, no es grasoso y acondiciona la piel creando una capa protectora imperceptible que dura por varias horas. La crema de cera de abejas puede ser utilizada en todo el cuerpo sin problemas. Yo la uso mayormente en las manos, codos y cara. Yo recomiendo ampliamente este producto, una vez que lo use sabrá porqué

Carrie, Tim

Carrie, Toronto, Ontario – Just bought the beeswax body cream at the farmers market downtown today. I love it love it love it. Amazing stuff.

Tim, North York Ont – Love your honey. I usually buy 4-6 jars over the summer @ The North York Farmers Market since I live about a block away. Nothing nicer then buttered toast smothered with Elfsong honey !!


V, Maple, ON – I’ve had eczema since I was a little girl. Growing up, I’ve tried just about anything you’ve heard of, from natural remedies to prescription creams but nothing really helped. 20-some years later, I finally came across this beewax cream and immediately saw results! Within a few days of use, the open sores on my hands started to heal up. Not only is this cream not sticky, yet hydrating enough, but the beewax also helps to lock in the moisture for longer. Thank you so much for this wonder, I can’t wait for my next order to come in!

Rowe en

Cristina Rowe, Toronto, Ontario – I have been using Elfsong’s beeswax cream for over 15 years. There is nothing like this products in the market; it is gentle, non-greasy and it conditions the skin creating an imperceptible protective layer that lasts for hours. The beeswax cream can be used all over the body safely. I use it mostly on my hands, elbows, and face. I fully recommend this product, once you use it you will see why

I would be happy to post any testimonials that you might have to offer. Please email them to me. Thanks Mark

me working with my honey bees
honey bees flighing in and out

holding up honey comb
working with honey bees
Honey and cream stand at market
working in the beeyard with honey comb

About Me

I’m a producer of honey,beeswax cream and flowers since 1986. My father is a beekeeper so I grew up with bees. I have approximately 100 hives. There are more hives some years than others depending on how they fare through the winter. My hives are located in the area east of Tweed, 40 km north of Belleville. The bodycream is made from the beewax produced by my bees.

dandelion flower
purple loosestrife flowers
honey bee queen and workers
Swarm of honey bees
comb honey beeswax cream propolis
flowers in the spring
beewax body cream
honey bees


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